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jumping flash has a lot going on for me. the game is super historically important, being one of the first 3D platformers as well as being a trailblazing first person platformer, it's got amazing and charming early 3D graphics, a big robot rabbit that i want a plush of and it's super short and doesn't waste time, it's close to perfect for me. the games vibes are just flawless, almost every level is super unique and they all just feel super cozy, full of charming little models and very gifable sights, the scale makes everything look huge and it's very impressive for how early of a game it was in the ps1's lifecycle, the ost helps this massively, it all just feels so whimsical and the game really just feels like that overall, it has the vibes of a toybox, whimsical and charming, the game has a ton of wildlife too, penguins and frogs and they're all just so adorable, very friend and i love them to death, it's all just so pretty, one of my favourite looking games out there, low poly stans will be all over it, has great hangoutability too, i could just sit in some of these levels for ages just chilling, the circus, windmill and snow areas especially. the songs by takeo miratsu, who you may know from legend of dragoon or chase the express, are catchy as hell too, the snow level theme has made its way into all of my playlists and level 1-2's theme is one i play a lot too, it's full of bangers, shoutout to the first desert theme too, it's just such a charming ost and hella catchy.

gameplay is super unique too, it's a first person platformer all about collecting stuff, you have a very basic jump but in a very inventive move you actually automatically look down when you do so you can see your shadow and position, it's very cool. every level has 5 or so items to collect and you just have to jump around and find them, you have a very basic shooting attack to take out the enemies, though i always felt guilty doing this as they're all just so cute, and sometimes you'll fight a boss, which are all pretty fun to fight. the game is very easy too, which is very nice and it's short enough that i managed to beat it twice in a sitting, which you need to do for the true ending. the game is fun enough that you will absolutely want to do this. all the levels are very fun too, there's a ton of variety, from cities full of modern buildings, to deserts with pyramids, snowy areas full of penguins and igloos and even space, you even go underground sometimes for maze levels, which were very reminicent of a dungeon crawler and kind of scary.

there isn't much of a story though, it's about as simple as it needs to be but it does have some super cute 3D cutscenes inbetween levels, they're nothing impressive but they show some super cute scenes with the games enemies and it really helps give the game even more levety than it has, and it's just charming, funny little guys just doing funny stuff, and the villain is silly too, it's a game you could play at any age and just vibe with no problem, there's even a true ending to get if you really want to commit to it, but you can experiance all there is just by finishing it once.

the game would sadly not have a massive legacy outside of its historical importance, while it is important it only had two sequels, jumping flash 2 and robbit mon dieu, both for the ps1 and the latter of which never left japan, though both seem exellent. the game was also never really given many ports, just digital releases on psn in 2007 and 2022 respectively. the developers exact( short for excellent application create team) went on to only work on the games sequel, as well as the ghost in the shell game on ps1 both for sony, though before jumping flash they did also make some pc games before JF, the other developer ultra was mostly involved with the games CG and story and have worked on games like kumauta and PET IN TV, all super charming stuff, the games director would also work on the sequels as well as some other sony classics, like chase the express and philosoma. overall i would absolutely reccomend this, it is one of my favourite platformers, it has charm, soul and its fun to boot, you'll get a quick, fun experiance and i would love for this series to make a comeback, but until then i am very excited to try the sequels.

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