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OSITD is a small gamejam game developed by a bunch of cool people, including kiririn51, who was one of the people involved with one of my favourite games, VA-11 HALL-A, i was sent this game randomly in a discord of a creator i patreon as he provides one of the games two voices, the other being hazel (@afewbruises). as soon as i started playing the game, i was hooked. it's not a super long game, being only around 40 mins long, but the writing and atmosphere are fantastic and its a game that i really feel will stick with me, it gives me the same dread i felt from finishing games like soma and rule of rose, and i feel soma is an apt comparison as its bleak look of an extinction event has ruined my week just like soma's did, i love it, it's bleak and honest and more than a little scary, the game has a lot of paralels to evangelions third impact although i do think the game is much more comparable to soma's asteroid hit, with the world slowly dying as fires and radiation consume it, it's not a happy game and you should go into it with those expectations because you will not be having a good night after it, but i mean that in the best way, it gets you emotionally and even now, long after i finished, i'm still feeling down and even having anxiety pains about it. the game sets up that you only have a set amount of time and you do really feel the rush, just like the hacker you're portraying would, it's a frantic, very fast paced vn and it was a really refreshing pace after a lot of the much slower paced otome i'm typically used to. the characters are all super fleshed out for what little screentime they have, everyone has a very clear personality and they're all fun to read the interactions between, it's certainly a game with a lot of soul put into it.

there's also the games audio! while very limited the music is great, very atmospheric and worth listening to even outside of the game if you want something to put you on edge, there's also voice acting too and it's very well done. the game also looks amazing, i haven't mentioned this but the game plays mostly in an interactive desktop, with its own UI that you interact with as you would your own, it's played in browser and loads super fast, i'm not super used to pc games so i was very surprised how quickly it even had me ingame. you read a lot of the story via chat windows with the character anna guiding you, as well as by checking emails, looking at media, listening to audio tapes and reading articles, it's a cool way to tell a story and something i always love to see, a favourite style of mine and this is one of the best ways i've seen it done, it's all works to really give the game a special atmosphere and the little designs and artwork that acompany it are great too, aesthetically the game is fantastic to look at. you can play the game for free in browser right now, here's a link to it, i absolutely reccomend giving it the short amount of time needed to play, you won't regret it.

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