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no. i'll start this out by spoiling the ending, games do not age. there has been conversations for a long time on weather a game has aged well, on weather x or y games need remakes, weather one needs toched up to even be playable in the modern age. I find these kinds of conversations insufferable, no game needs a remake, many could use ports yes, but not remakes, most games if you go back and play them are the same as they always were, nothing about them has changed, if a game was good, it only stands to reason that it is still good, and this is almost always the case. people however, do change, you may look back at a game from your childhood and think that it was actually never good and that it has just aged badly, you'd be wrong, it has not changed, you've just gotten older and your tastes have shifted, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse, that's not for me to decide, maybe you have just grown complacent with modern styles and mechanics, but it is not the game that has aged. mechanics that were fun are still fun for the right people, for people that are willing to put up with more out there control schemes and design decisions, for less flashy graphics and and more liniar structures, almost any time i have went and gave a game i try that was "too outdated to play" or "in dire need of a remake" it's always been fine, great even, they can act like a time capsule for design trends, aesthetic popularity and even historical context, full of outdated references and mechanical styles you just never see anymore, i do understand that conventions become commonplace and it can be harder for some people to go back, but that does not mean the games are bad at all, t just means people do not have the patience to really give a game a try that doesnt follow modern, cookie cutter styles, and that's a shame i think.

i say a lot of this mostly as someone that does play mostly older games, i still play modern games, granted, but for every ps4 or switch game i play, i usually beat a ps2 game or two, i prefer older styles, i like the experimental mechanics and control schemes, i think resident evil 4 for example has the best control style for any shooter, i love low poly graphics far more than modern photorealism, i prefer midi files to orchestral scores and i dislike having to buy dlc to fully experiance a game, and don't even get me started on microtransactions, digital only games or forced online connectivity, all things that can often ruin a game for me. i was not playing games when these were out, by the time i got my first console the ps3 was in full swing so it's not a nostalgia thing, i just prefer how things were and so i can say more objectivly weather or not age with regards to games even exists, and it does not, at least not in the derogatory form. games can age well however, games like okami and jumping flash stil look beautiful, stuff like resident evil 3 and devil may cry 2 are still a blast to play and games like saya no uta and sonic adventure can blow away modern osts, but when it comes up to weather these games have aged badly, i disagree wholeheartedly.

remakes can even damage a game sometimes, the shadow of the collossus and demons souls remakes strip their originals of a lot of the artistic intent, in the case of the latter almost completely removing everything that made the game special for me, i love demons souls on ps3, but if i played the remake first, i can tell you for a fact i would have been put off of the game for good, in that way the older game has aged better, though bluepoints wannabe WOW art was bad before and after the game came out. they can remove soul, so i do think older versions should always be available as a default with any remake, so that the original can be preserved on modern consoles even if the remake ends up a souless husk.

now there is one elephant in the room, content can age badly, bad offensive jokes were rampant in the mid 2K's for example, misogyny in the 90's too, there's a lot of it if you go deep into older things, of course, that doesn't mean things are perfect now, deadly premonition 2 and rage 2 for exmpale show us that we still have a very long way to go, but on this point i will agree, there are aspects of many games, almost all of which are with writing, that have aged badly, but i think that these things can still be enjoyed with either some editing or even just appropriate trigger warnings, so that they cannot ruin the experiance, and this is why i think a port with some editing is the best way to go, then you can fix the morally iffy things, but the game beyond that will remain as good as it was. play old games, for reals, there's a lot of great things to find and many of which could easily end up being favs and even influencing you in ways you never thought possible, so try and not let a games age deter you from them, once you become acclimated to things outside of the new, you'll have no problems enjoying real classics.

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