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figured i might as well start one of these now that my site feels like i'm getting the hang of it, kinda. found out i enjoy making pixel stuff and that made me happy, for sure going to keep at it, still need to work on the quality of my work though. same with my code, which is very basic right now and on pages you cannot access, before i chose this theme my site was all my own code and it looked so bad, but it is something that i am working on. i never really learned much on coding before now so its all new to me, but i am making a real attempt, i want to one day make a good hand-coded site. i do feel a lot of passion for the site, and for what neocities stands for in general, i've felt dissallusioned from the mainstream net for years but i could never put my finger on why, but since i really started writing for the site regularly i've regained a lot of that passion, the mainstream net just doesn't click with me and at this point i don't think it will again, it's too stifled by corpo intrests. the music for this page is sabbath from the saya no uta OST, this is my favourite song. it's been my ringtone ever since i first got a phone as a teen, it was one of the first games i ever played (yeah i was way too young to play saya) and it was my first VN too, heck it dates how long ago this was that i found out about the game on the *gametrailers forums*, good times, the game still remains a favourite of mine, if partially because of nostalgia, i even cosplayed saya when i was 16 to a convention, though no one recognised the cosplay.
been slow as of late, playing a lot of stuff but not finishing a lot of stuff, getting there though and playing a lot of really cool games, enjoying onimusha and getting back into genshin mainly, plus some hi-fi rush and professor layton. will be away from the site for a while though for a hospital stay, hope it all goes well haha, will have games on me anyway so if i find things to write about i'll for sure update the site while i'm there.

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