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the issue with the tester can easily be summed up in a single scene. the contestents get a message on PSN telling them about their first challange, this psn message delivery is quite cool and fits in with the theme of the show, but anyway, they get this and many of them go on to talk about what game it could be due to the mension of an eye, could it be ps eye games? an eye of judgment tournament maybe? it sounds cool, exciitng even. Then they get there, and the challange they must do, is a spot the difference challange completely unrelated to video games, it's not something that is relating to the love of video games, it's a distraction. it was about here when the tester threw out almost all of its potential, not that it had many to begin with, mind, it's still a cynical corpo astroturfing attempt to make the industry side of things look good and to make it seem like game testers aren't treated like garbage, but it made it go from one that could still be watchable, to something wholley boring and almost immoral, it has a total vibe like it really only exists to paint a better image of the industry than it deserves and for that it just feels gross to me, now that's not to say there's zero things related to games here, they have a few judges on from sony, a former tester turned corpo, even at the time irrelevant grifter david jaffee and a producer on PS home which was actually cool to see and sometimes things actually are related to video games, in the fifth episode they have a whole Buzz segment, they don't atually use the buzzers sadly but they do answer questions related to sony games so i mean, that's something right and then in the final episode they do challanges about PS history and play uncharted, but that's really as far as the show goes. for the most part the contestants are very likable, albiet very "2010's dudebro" was the vibe all around with many contestants and it shows with some very thinly vailed sexism, but i guess that's just how things were at the time, but it also means the show has aged like milk. the contestants actually have since done interviews and the production sounds like it was a total rushjob and it shows in the actual production. usually i do not like being negative about video games and things relating to them, i try and have fun with anything i try, but this is just so cynical and transparent that i really dislike what it stands for, the testers failing is not what the cringe compilations show you, if anything those bits are the charm, it's that its an exploitive attempt to distract from the failings of a greedy industry.

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