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this is my website where i will post my thoughts and impressions on games i have been playing!
i wanted a place where i could write about the things i care about in my own way, a space i make myself, for myself, and if people find what i write interesting then that's cool too! with the way the internet is now, with discussion seeming to come in the form of making everything into a post-ironic joke, with very little sincerity in sight inbetween toxicity, gatekeeping and general cruelty, all promoted by the almighty algorthm, a small corner of the net all to myself is a space that i very much welcome. many forums focused on the newest and shiniest, which while that's very valid, there wasn't a lot of meaningful discussion about the old, the experimental and the weirdly charming, which is where my tastes lie, frame rates and nice graphics have their appeal to some people for sure, even if neither carry much weight to me compared to something with a little more soul showing through the cracks, even if not all of it works as well as more modern, safer examples would. writings on those sometimes older, sometimes jankier and usually lower budget games is what i want to do, if just because i like having my thoughts put down on digital paper.

i chose neocities because i believe in what it stands for. the corporate net is anti-art, anti-experession and anti-individual. it is not a place to express yourself creatively or as a person, it's stifling, with every aspect monitised and with hatespeech and bigotry pushed as a way to get clicks and make money, social media is not a safe place to be, especially as a marginalised person. i hope to learn more about coding and one day make my own theme, though i do believe this will take its time and is something i will have to move slowly with, but i am trying to learn, and in the meantime i will use a template but i do hope to change this one day soon, wish me luck! in the meantime i hope you all enjoy my writings, i hope everything is sourced correctly but if it is not then feel free to let me know and i will correct things right away.

i would like to make buttons of my own, but i am only just starting to learn how, here is a pixel button i made of tama and a bottle of burning hammer from the visual novel 428:shibuya scramble, it's jank and not very good but i'm proud of it nonetheless.

coming soon

yu-gi-oh duelists of the roses is cool!
auto modelista and style
a fatal frame 5 impressions
why ridge racer type 4 is special
and a discussion on rule of rose
contact me: nepetaclose@gmail.com

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